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What type of house should I build?

Whether you decide to build your own house out of whim and excitement, or whether you've worked on a long-term plan for building your own house, the process can take as long as 18 months or even...

Take note of these 3 red flags before choosing your home builder!

Most of us have experienced that gut feeling, when we know something's not right with a business transaction. But other times we simply miss the warning signs and don't realise our mistake until it's...

Why are plaster walls used inside a home instead of brick or concrete?

Did you know human beings have been plastering their home interiors for more than 7000 years? The plasterboard we favour today has come a long way from the lime or gypsum mortars of ancient times;...

Top 5 reasons why it’s worth spending the extra money on a custom home build

Looking to buy a new home? One of the most important decisions you'll need to make is whether to opt for a custom build or 'cookie-cutter' build. We firmly believe the extra dollars involved in a...

These building materials are no longer allowed to be used

When choosing a material for a building, there are many essential factors that designers and construction workers need to take into account, such as durability, quality, environmental implications...

Why are steel frame homes getting a Lot more popular?

From choosing the right wall paint colour to having that perfect outdoor space with greenery and flowers, there's so much that goes into building that beautiful and quality dream home, where...

Important questions to ask your builder before the building process

Sometimes the thrill of creating a new home from scratch spurs a wave of "getting it done" attitude through us. And that often means anticipation rushing us through to the finish line. But as you...