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Top 5 reasons why it’s worth spending the extra money on a custom home build


Looking to buy a new home? One of the most important decisions you'll need to make is whether to opt for a custom build or 'cookie-cutter' build. We firmly believe the extra dollars involved in a custom build are well worth the investment. Here's why:

  1. You Can Build in Your Dream Location

Cookie-cutter home builders tend to buy up affordable lots on the outskirts of cities. They essentially choose the block for you based on their criteria rather than yours. Most cookie-cutter homes are only designed to be built on flat (or almost flat) land, which offers easy access for construction machinery and is a set minimum distance from adjacent property boundaries. If you've found your dream location and perfectly situated block, it may well be on a significant slope or in a hard-to-access location. Your custom builder will work with you to implement your vision regardless of whatever challenging site features you face.

  1. Only Pay for What You Use

While a custom build overall will almost always cost more than a comparable cookie-cutter home, it's important to be aware that your cookie-cutter home may contain features you simply won't use or don't even like. With a custom build, you'll only pay for the features that suit you.

  1. Get the Home You Want

When you choose a cookie-cutter home, depending at what stage of completion it's at, you will have minimal or even zero say in determining your home's design. It's often the case that you will have no input into even basic design decisions like the brand of kitchen appliances, the placement of lighting or the colour of paintwork.

Your custom home build in contrast is all about you. Not only can you select your preferred appliances, lighting aesthetic and colour scheme, you can also determine the bigger features like size, layout and number of rooms, the layout of windows plus the design of pantries, and walk-ins etc.

You get the picture; a custom build equals the opportunity to create a home you LOVE and a home that works perfectly for you.

  1. The Opportunity to be Involved in Your New Home's Creation

Have an interest in design or building? a custom build gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and absorb new ideas which you can then apply to your next project. This is because, with a custom build, you get to be involved every step of the way, from the initial concept through to project completion. In contrast, with a cookie-cutter home, you may simply buy the property at turn-key stage. This means you miss out on understanding and appreciating what goes into your home's creation. Yes, being involved in your custom build does require a time investment, but we think it's well worth it for the appreciation you gain for your new home along the way.

  1. Attention to Detail

When you choose any of the large cookie-cutter home builders, you should be aware that they are likely building numerous properties in numerous locations, employing potentially hundreds and hundreds of tradespeople at the same time! While there are many excellent home builders in this volume market, it's important to note that when you select a custom builder, you give yourself a better chance of securing a builder who can afford to be very selective with their tradespeople. What this means for you is that your finished custom build will feature the work of tradespeople who put their blood sweat and tears into their craft, providing you with a perfectly finished property.


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