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Why are steel frame homes getting a Lot more popular?


From choosing the right wall paint colour to having that perfect outdoor space with greenery and flowers, there's so much that goes into building that beautiful and quality dream home, where everything has to be exactly as you picture it.


However, before any of these factors and decisions come into play, the most important of all is choosing the right and the best material for your home or house frame.


One of the most commonly used materials for frames is none other than wood, given its numerous advantages and benefits. Lately, though, a majority of homeowners in Australia and other parts of the world are opting for steel frames for their homes, and we can't help but wonder why.


We know steel is super attractive and sustainable, but why is it getting so popular all of a sudden?


Highly Durable and Long-Lasting


When building a new home, you obviously want the construction to be durable, long-lasting, and strong enough to withstand all kinds of pressure and environmental factors. Compared to traditional housing frames, steel frame homes have been found to be much more durable because they don't deteriorate, rot, or rust at all.


Steel is also a lot stronger than wood, particularly because it doesn't expand or warp like the latter.


Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable


People nowadays are trying their best to save the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and making environmentally-friendly decisions. Steel frame homes are the new trend in this regard because most of the steel in today's time is 85 per cent recycled, which makes it environmentally responsible.

Steel is also reusable and isn't made with any kind of hazardous materials or chemicals, thereby leading to reduced damage to the environment.


Faster and More Efficient


In terms of weight, steel weighs much less than wood, which makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to build home frames with steel. The majority of steel components are also pre-manufactured, and they require very less on-site labour.


As such, you can expect the frame of your home to be built in a matter of just a few weeks, reducing the on-site construction time by almost 20%-40%.


Furthermore, factors like light weight and faster execution reap many other benefits, such as economic ease and resource efficiency.


Fire and Australian Earthquake Resistant


Natural calamities like earthquakes (even if there are none really in Australia) and fire incidents are unpredictable, but steel structures have proven to be very effective and efficient. An important reason why steel home frames have become so popular is due to the fact that this material is incredibly resistant to fire and earthquakes.


It has inherent ductile and flexible qualities that give it a great capacity to withstand pressure and bear excessive lateral loads caused by natural factors.


Steel buildings also respond to fire in a very impressive manner, thus reducing the need for excessive fire protection.


High-Quality Australian Steel

Australia is home to some of the highest quality steel and steel-made products, which it also sources to other parts of the world. With great quality comes exceptional features, such as attractiveness, aesthetics, and an overall incredible look and feel.


Once you've decided to go with steel frames for your new home, the next thing to do is choose a professional and top-level home builder or construction company to turn your dream home to reality!