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Important questions to ask your builder before the building process


Sometimes the thrill of creating a new home from scratch spurs a wave of "getting it done" attitude through us. And that often means anticipation rushing us through to the finish line. But as you gear up to solidify the brief and ensure all blueprints are on track with what you've envisioned, there are still a few big questions to ask your chosen builder in Trentham, Hepburn or Daylesford.


Before you give them the tick of approval and sign the dotted line, consider these crucial points first.

  1. Are they registered and fully insured?
    Even if you forget every other question you've noted down, make sure you don't forget this one. We highly recommend not signing with a new home builder until you have confirmed the answer. These are the basic requirements of anyone in this field and goes a long way to your peace of mind and financial backing.

  2. What will the process look like?

    Whether you're intending on using it as an investment or to live in yourself, you need to know what each phase of the construction will look like. You also need to know when you can expect them to be rolled out, and what kind of communication the custom builder will keep with you.

    The very best of home builders know how to keep up transparency, allowing their clients to always be in the loop. Make sure you have their direct contact numbers and have the site manager on hand if you need them.

  3. What will the quality assurance process look like?
    here needs to be criteria in place that your chosen professional will stick to, in order to assess the end result. From final details to overall craftsmanship and stability - who's going to be held responsible for the quality of your property? Know who's involved and what their credentials are.

  4. What's their portfolio like?
    When you're looking to onboard any kind of professional - be it in real estate and construction or not - asking for past work examples is top of the priority list. You need to know that they can do more than just talk the talk. Examine their work in action and see if past projects meet your expectations.

  5. Are their rates fixed?
    Some companies use contracts that have fixed pricing, while others have variable. Know exactly what you're in for before you put pen to paper so that you can financially secure yourself in the long-run.

  6. Is there a warranty?
    Ask your custom builder if a warranty is included in the agreement. A longer one is an indicator they are confident in their workmanship and ability to build a home that won't fall down. We believe this is a huge factor in making an informed decision about who to pick.

  7. Are they financially stable?
    Times can be tough. If something turns for the worst, how will you know if your chosen professional will stay in business? Do your research into how long they have been around and just how established they are. Are they well known in Daylesford, Hepburn and Trentham areas?

  8. Are you able to make changes after delivery?
    After everything is said and done, it's common to want to make edits to your build. In the event that you change your mind, you might want to check if the company will let you make changes before construction begins (and after you sign).

    Want to put us through these questions? We are more than happy to answer them.

    See why we are a leader in the local area now by giving us a call on 0402 122 410 or 5348 3799.