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These building materials are no longer allowed to be used


When choosing a material for a building, there are many essential factors that designers and construction workers need to take into account, such as durability, quality, environmental implications and energy content, to name a few.


Keeping these factors in mind, there are many types of building materials that are popularly used all across the globe because they fit the brief and don't have serious implications.


However, there are also quite a few materials that are no longer allowed to be used, given their harmful nature and chemical-based components.


These materials are often referred to as the "red list building materials," considering how dangerous they are for humans and other living creatures.


Take a look at some of the building materials that aren't allowed to be used in construction.



Products with asbestos were once used for construction and insulation purposes, but have been over time due to their toxic harmfulness.


Research shows that asbestos has serious health complications where it can lead to life-threatening lung conditions if you end up inhaling its tiny fibres.


Asbestos exposure can also lead to mesothelioma, which is quite a rare form of cancer found in the heart, chest, lungs and abdomen.



This is an extremely toxic kind of chemical that was often used for in buildings and constructions; however, it has found that cadmium has serious health concerns if you are exposed to it.


If you end up breathing in air that has high levels of cadmium, it can lead to many problems such as chest pain, excessive coughing, flu with chills, muscle pain, high fever, lung damage and even death in some extreme cases.



This used to be one of the most commonly used compounds a few years back, but the use of lead has largely been discontinued in numerous parts of the world such as Australia, the UK, the USA and many others.


Lead-based paint, in particular, is no longer allowed because prolonged exposure to it can lead to a series of serious health problems and issues.


The use of lead in buildings is particularly dangerous for young children, pregnant women, workers who are continually exposed when working with lead and perhaps everybody in general.


Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

These are synthetic organic chemicals that are found in many building materials that were once used in numerous construction projects due to their non-flammable nature.


It was found that PCBs are classified as an organic pollutant, and they have serious environmental toxicity, which is why it's no longer used in building materials and construction purposes.


These are just a few of the many building materials that are no longer allowed to be used. Although they do offer quite a few benefits and advantages, they also have serious health and environmental consequences.