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Why you should choose your builder first


Designing your dream home is a labour of love, but unless money is no object, there are several pitfalls in doing this before choosing a builder.


The pitfalls of going through the drafting process - either with a draftsman or an architect - before consulting a builder, are that you can get ahead of yourself and design a home that you ultimately may not be able to afford in the long-run.


We have had multiple clients come to us with finalised plans only to be devastated when they realise that the house they have spent months meticulously planning is out of their budget.


So, what is the solution? Consult your custom home builder first, even when it seems like common sense to engage a draftsman at the beginning of the process.



Why designing your plans should come after choosing your builder?


Before engaging in the design process, it is essential to speak to the builder, who is going to construct your home, first.


A draftsman or an architect is going to be expensive, that is a given. It will take weeks, even months to obtain all required reports and go through the process and a lot of hard decisions would need to be made during this time. Imagine falling in love with the final design only to learn it is not feasible to achieve within your budget.



The other aspect is the building costs themselves.


During the design phase, a lot of decisions will be made in regards to the materials and building techniques that majority of clients are not familiar with. Unless you have significant industry knowledge, it is likely you may not be aware of the construction costs that can quickly accumulate.


This can lead to budget blowout - something you wholeheartedly want to avoid as much as you can. It is also why it is important always to consult a builder before you engage the services of an architect or a draftsman.



Choose an end-to-end solution to ensure the design matches the build.


It can be a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to building your vision. You can�t begin construction without a design, and you can�t design without knowledge of the building process, without the fear of a budget blowout.


That is why engaging a service like Wojcicki Constructions is critical, as our new home builders can guide you from start to finish through the process, to ensure there are no nasty financial surprises down the track.


Wojcicki Constructions has a clear and easy process that allows you to work either with your own draftsman/architect or collaborate with our in-house team to design the exact property you are after (in line with your budget and realistic goals).


From the initial planning stages through to meeting with the draftsman that will be involved � our process is designed to be holistic and end-to-end, offering complete peace of mind.


Contact Wojcicki Constructions today on 0402 122 410 or 5348 3799 to begin your journey towards designing and building the home you have long had on your wish list!