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Why you should choose custom designed homes over cookie-cutter builds


Taking the plunge and deciding to build a new home can be an exciting path, but the challenges are ones you have to think carefully about before taking any action. Firstly, there's knowing where to look and what to look for, and then doing your research on whether to get a home loan. And if a home loan is a good choice, what type should you aim for? But these days, there's another step worth considering strategically about: should you buy a cookie-cutter build or a custom-design home?


It's likely these thoughts will be running around your head, as you search for the best path to take. Above all, it's important to ask yourself if it's worth compromising on essential features, to substitute for a more natural build.


The long-term vision


As a new home builder, you might not necessarily be thinking about the longevity your property. Throughout our lives, we continue to grow and change, and this needs to reflect in the place we live. Many suburbs are full of same-same properties that don't always offer a unique perspective or personality. This is where custom-designed homes come in - providing plenty of personalised features for you to create the perfect residence for you and your family.


Known as cookie-cutter homes, off-the-shelf properties are easy for a development company to quickly prop up and sell. However, they often lose their personality in the process. Think of car manufacturing, where every part is created identical on a production line - this is precisely what this kind of approach involves. Your home should be designed to suit your family's needs and personality and, even though parts of these 'easier' versions may suit your requirements from the outset, they may miss the artistic and humanised flair you're after in the long-run.


Equipping your home with all the right features


While a custom build can take longer to see the finished product, the home is developed through the input of the owner, a designer and possibly an architect. The process will see you and your builder working as a team to create a unique property that you can be proud of. This approach also allows you to choose the number of bedrooms, layout, garden features, extra toilet and additional features. Want a pool? You can have it. How about a spa? No problem.


Custom built homes are often able to achieve a more high-end appeal, no matter the size of the layout or land itself. For example, personalised builds can integrate smart home technology - such as energy and water management, home security and lighting control - beyond other innovative elements.


As a new home builder, it is important to remember that you do not have to compromise on features, at all. You can have that blue door you've always dreamed of, or the swimming pool to get you through the long Aussie summers. If you want a property backed by smart technology, it's all yours. Choosing a custom build over a cookie-cutter approach gives you the flexibility to make your home personalised exactly to who you are as a person, and the many functions and features you may require to assist with your lifestyle.


Are you looking to get started on your own home? Wojcicki Constructions has a lineup of new home builders to help you through the journey.