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Why builders are avoiding buying products from overseas


Most builders consider importing building material from overseas as opposed to buying it locally. This is because locally-sourced products can be more expensive since they're subject to tariffs and local laws.  On the other hand, many builders are reluctant to do so, and the most common reason for that is suppliers taking their money and disappearing without providing the products. However, you will be surprised to know that this is not the only major issue. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the important reasons why builders are avoiding buying products from overseas.

The Products Get Lost or Damaged In Transit

Whenever you have something shipped, whether it is a local good or an international product, or every time you want something delivered by road, cargo, or an airplane, the chances of theft, damage, and loss are always there. In such cases, it is always a better idea to have insurance; nonetheless, most builders feel reluctant to get their building materials from overseas as they fear that the product might get lost in transit. Plus, every country has its own requirements, and some don't even cover the cost of damage through insurance or warranties.

Poor Quality Products

Most builders are reluctant while purchasing material from abroad because of the risk of receiving poor quality products. This usually happens because you don't physically get to see or inspect the materials before purchasing. Some builders prefer buying less at first only to see if it is worth purchasing in bulk.

Material Causes More harm Than Good

When you purchase a product, every responsibility is on your hands, including the potential damage it could cause. This is why most builders don't prefer buying products from overseas as there is a lot of risk involved. No matter how small the likelihood of damage is, there is still a substantial risk, and builders can incur high costs.

Products Cannot Be Sold

Builders can easily end up with building material that they won't be able to sell in their country due to trade or import restrictions. Plus, builders can also end up with a product that the country might refuse to allow entry of. This can happen due to improper safety certification or labelling.

Supplier Commits Fraud

This is one of the most common reasons why builders don't prefer buying products from overseas. The risk of suppliers taking money and never sending the material is very less but still causes many builders to buy products from local markets.

High Costs

This is another huge reason why builders avoid buying products from overseas. The cost of importing material from abroad is significantly higher than buying it locally in the country. Most builders don't want to invest such a huge amount to purchase the material from abroad when they can't even physically see the product.  


There are several risks associated with importing material for building from overseas. If you require more information, please visit our website or get in touch with us via our contact us page.