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This is why builders don't like owners always coming in to check on the house while they are working


Many construction workers will tell you that they love their job but hate dealing with clients that always show up on-site when they are working. Of course, we all know that builders get paid well, get off work early, and don't have to adapt to a traditional suit-and-tie work outfit. So, what's the problem?


Builders do not appreciate owners coming in to check on the house while they are rushing to complete their set schedule of the day. Of course, while owners have every right to check progress and ensure that everything is going smoothly, many of them make life challenging for the workers on-site. Here's


1.  They Get in the Way

Owners tend to disregard workers who have been working all day to complete their work. They walk from room-to-room, often getting in the way of other workers. This causes delays in the work and becomes annoying, especially when the supervisor notices that work is off schedule and gets mad at the staff on duty.


Moreover, clients cannot be left alone when they are on-site. They must be constantly accompanied by one staff member at all times to keep them safe and out of hazardous areas. This lessens the workforce, encouraging the chances of delays in work.

2.  They Do Not Follow Safety Protocols

On a construction site, each worker is prepared with all the necessary safety gear. Moreover, their knowledge of the project keeps them out of dangerous zones. Even if they are in a home without walls and fully exposed to external aggressors, they know that they can handle it because of their lifelong experience.


Owners and customers, on the other hand, do not understand the dangers of a construction site. They take no caution of the toxins in the air and continue to walk and lean on unstable structures. Construction workers will always wear proper clothing, closed shoes, hard hats, safety vests, and eye goggles when on duty. Most clients do not pay heed to these necessary protocols.

3.  Children Often Accompany Customers

The worst part about dealing with owners on the site is that they bring their children along. Now, we have nothing against children. They are cute and innocent and brighten up everyone's day. However, children are naturally curious by nature and must be strictly supervised at all costs. They become a liability when on-site due to the machinery, unstable structures, and work going on.


The risk factor is high on construction sites. All staff members find themselves on high alert to ensure that no child steps in a dangerous area or touches anything that could potentially harm them. Of course, a construction site is always dirty, with screws and hinges thrown around on the ground. Children, not knowing the dangers of these things, often pick them up and put them in their mouths. In the end, builders are left responsible for the damage as parents and clients threaten to sue them.


Our advice? Do not come on-site when workers are trying their level best to complete your project!