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Daylesford can be cold in winter. Here are some tips to keep your home warm without having to pay a big gas bill!


It's been a winter where we've seen snow at the footy. It's been a winter that we've seen more snow falls, since 2000 in Victoria, including Daylesford. So it's no wonder, that it's also been a winter that Aussie's (especially Victorians) have been cranking up the heaters.


But, with rising gas prices and growing environmental concerns, there are plenty of reasons to want to minimise your gas usage (and your gas bill!) and still be toasty warm.


One of the best ways to do that? Trap the heat you do create in your home.


Heat has to come from somewhere, and generally, there are two options - the sun, and your heating system. By using a combination of these you can effectively manage to heat a house quite quickly, but what about retaining that heat?


One of the biggest reasons your gas bill is so big it that heat is very easily lost - especially in those

bitterly cold winter months.


Here are some tips to make sure you're capturing as much of that heat as possible.


  1. Let that sun in (and keep that chill out)

As the sun hits your windows each morning, make the most of this free, clean source of heat by opening your curtains up and letting that warmth in!


But beware, windows (closed or open) offer an easy escape for warm air. To best trap this air in, make sure to either close your blinds as the sun starts to move around your house.


  1. Upgrade to double-glazed windows

Another great way to help trap heat in your house is to double-glaze your windows. Double-glazing lets the sunlight through to warm your rooms, but drastically reduces the amount of heat lost back through the glass. Basically, they help to make the most of that sneaky winter sun.


  1. Use all of the energy you do create

Using the oven for cooking up dinner? Rather than letting it cool at its own pace, open the door up and let the heat escape into your kitchen. Trust me; it makes doing the dishes that much more enjoyable when there is delicious warmth spreading around your kitchen.


Just make sure that any rogue children or pets are kept well away from the open oven door.


  1. Put down a rug

We all know the bitter chill from the tiles that comes with winter. This is because tiles and floorboards generally aren't that great at retaining heat. Carpets and rugs are much better at staying warm, so consider throwing a rug down for a cost-effective way to help preserve as much heath as possible.


  1. Check for any draughts or open windows

This may be the most obvious, but it's so essential in keeping your house warm. Even a slight opening of a window can let massive amounts of hot air out and cold air in.


By repairing any dodgy window frames or doorways where warm air can escape, you will be much better equipped to help keep the heat inside your home.